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Big Seminars Audio

Get Your Hands On 150 Information Packed Hours of The Most Intensive Internet Marketing Training The World Has Ever Seen -- Delivered Right To Your Desktop or Ipod!

You get full access to the downloadable MP3 recordings from not
one but Seven of Armand Morin's Big Seminars:

You get all the recordings from the seminars in:
Dallas - San Francisco - Orlando - Los Angeles - Atlanta

And Here's Just A Shortlist Of The 40+ Speakers That You'll
Get The Inside Scoop From:

Alex Mandossian
Armand Morin
Bruce Safran
Carl Galletti
Craig Perrine
David Garfinkel
Declan Dunn
Derek Gehl
Frank Garon
Frank Kern
Fred Gleeck
Jim Edwards
Jimmy D Brown
Joe Vitale
Joel Christopher
John Carlton
John Reese
Jonathan Mizel
Marlon Sanders
Michel Fortin
Mike Filsaime
Rich Schefren
Shawn Casey
Stephen Pierce
Yanik Silver

All of these modules come in downloadable MP3 format - load 'em up on your PC or iPod and listen in to some of the best insider information online.

Important Message To All Internet Business Owners: If you are sick and tired of just getting by with your online business, you have a chance right now to change that forever. Learn from the most successful marketers online...

You may have missed the LIVE events, but
You Can Now Get Your Hands on the Live Audio

Here is a small list what you will learn in the BIG Seminar Live Audio Recordings:
  • Discover how to pick a domain name with... traffic already going to it.
  • Learn how one small letter can mean an 800% INCREASE IN SALES.
  • Quickly learn how to develop your very own product in seven days or less.
  • Create your own software without knowing one bit of coding
  • Learn how to build a 100% automated online business in 30 minutes or LESS!
  • Find out which software the EXPERTS are using and even get a FREE TRIAL
  • Why you don't even need your own product to make money
  • Which hosting company pays you £42 just to tell others!
  • How to convert your existing traffic into CASH PAYING CUSTOMERS with one step!
  • Why most Internet marketers work less than 3 hours a day!
  • Discover which autoresponder is worth its weight in gold and what doesn't work
  • We will teach you the LAW OF 7 AND HOW IT CAN WORK FOR YOU.
  • Find out how one of our teachers built a mailing list of 92,000 people in only months!
  • One teacher earns FIVE FIGURES MONTHLY with Less than 100 Visitors a Day
  • How to develop your own Affiliate Program with less money than a dinner for two
  • Why you want to make mistakes in your sales letter
  • How to develop a KILLER WEBSITE with FREE SOFTWARE!
  • The FREE STATISTICS program you must have to succeed on the Internet
  • Why you don't need to be an expert to create a BEST SELLING INFO PRODUCT
  • Research your product 100% FREE
  • Perform ONE CHANGE and INCREASE PROFITS over 300%

The list goes on and on....Don't Take My Word For it, Join Us and See for yourself.

Each of the speakers was hand selected for their special expertise in their fields and what they can bring to the table.

Here is a brief list of each speaker and their credentials.

The Speakers

Here is a brief list of just some of the speakers and their credentials.

Jimmy Brown

Jimmy Brown is one the top marketers on the Internet today. His products are some of the best selling products anywhere. His website is a favourite of many of the online marketing gurus. He has become the one person who will take you from zero to hero if you follow his time tested and proven techniques.

If you are serious about online marketing, Jimmy's knowledge and expertise is a must-have commodity. Meet Jimmy Brown in person at the Big Seminar.

Learn why Jimmy is the UNDISPUTED Viral Marketing King and how his Insider Viral Marketing Secrets can put a boat load of cash in your pocket.

Joel Christopher

Joel is a brilliant mind in the Internet Marketing Arena. He focuses on teaching the brand new "Internet Newbie" as he calls it, how to succeed. He is one of the foremost authorities on how to build a email list of thousands of people in only weeks.

He will show you the power of the list, with his Master List Builder System. Joel says, "He who has the list, has the power." He will show you his technique to "MASSAGE" your list into maximum profits.

Discover the amazing techniques Joel has used to triple his list in only 90 days and how he built his list to 100,000 people in no time at all.

Alex Mandossian

Alex's credentials are most impressive. He has worked with the Infomercial market for many years with products from Ron Popeil and even the popular Thigh Master. He has written the best selling "Marketing With Post Cards" course which shows you how to utilize a simple postcard to dramatically increase your sales conversion ratio.

Alex will share with you how to INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC CONVERSION with his secret time tested and proven principles with less than 100 visitors a day!

Carl Galletti

Carl Galletti has risen to the top of the world of direct-response advertising and is now considered by many to be one of the best freelance copywriters and marketing experts in the country. Carl has written ad copy for such legendary greats as Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham. He has also spoken at seminars with price tags of £3,250 per person to attend.

Carl's client list is diverse. He has worked with authors, professional speakers, publishers, computer companies, contractors, executive search firms, printers, training organizations, jewellery manufacturers, schools, health technology firms, and the American Red Cross.

Find out the reason why your ad copy can make you or break you on the Internet. The skills you will learn from Carl will make your online sales go through the roof.

Kirt Christensen

Kirt Christensen has had incredible success as an Internet Deal Maker, starting up over 7 different ventures in the last five years. He’s helped raise over £1.5 Million in venture capital for a couple of his deals… One of his ventures even sold for £6 Million in 1998.  His biggest interests is small business Internet Marketing, showing entrepreneurs how to make a full-time living on the web.  He currently specializes in showing entrepreneurs how to buy existing web businesses for pennies and then flipping them for huge profits… Like he did last year, when he bought an online diamond store for £15,000 on a note and sold it 7 months later for £60,000 cash.

Be amazed at the techniques Kirt will show you and learn his newest cutting edge techniques for buying and turning web business. This is a must see!

Frank Garon

Frank is an ex-truck driver who went from making £7 an hour to making over £65,000 a year on the Internet...and without having a product. He's the consummate affiliate promoter. Want to make a 6-figure income as an affiliate? Listen to this man...closely.

Learn how this ex-truck driver creates money at will. Frank will show you how to create you money out of thin air with no product whatsoever.

Fred Gleeck

Fred is one of the top professional speakers in the business. He's an ace at creating products to sell both on and off the Internet.  Whenever he speaks you'll want to pay close attention because he'll give you the strategies and techniques that will catapult you into the big time.

Create your own products in a few short days with Fred's techniques. He can show you how to take what you already know and turn it into a fortune.

Bart Baggett

Bart Baggett has appeared on over 1500 radio and TV shows including Montel, Leeza, and Howard Stern. His books are distributed and translated worldwide including India and China. His lecture "How I turned a bookstore failure into £70,000 a year automatic residual income" will inspire any author, speaker, publisher, or information marketer and provide nuts and bolts tactics from his latest e-book: Internet Book Publishing Secrets.

Discover the incredible secrets Bart has utilized for years to propel yourself into Internet Marketing Success. Bart will reveal all in Dallas, TX.

Ted Ciuba

One of the world’s leading Internet Marketing Consultants. He will amaze you with his insight and tips. He’s known as “Mr Mail Order in the Internet Age,” and specializes in showing the little guy how to make a minimum £50,000 in first year income in Information Marketing by using traditional Direct Response Marketing methods and adapting them and souping them up for high performance on the Internet. Ted can show you how to use simple technology tools like the phone, the fax, your computer, and the neighbourhood copy machine to make £1,500 in less than 1 hour. What if this happened to you? It could. Here's what Greg Chafin was able to do after studying Ted – “I made an astonishing £10,000 in five weeks... Since that time I have done £1 Million worth of business. I now consider Ted Ciuba a valuable resource in my business and a close friend.”

Internet Marketing "801" is Ted's latest development. He will teach you the most advanced techniques you will ever see. These methods can turn your site and your business into literal "Gold Mine".

Randy Charach

Randy Charach has one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. You must understand, Randy is an amazing entertainer who really knows his stuff, check out his website you will see what I mean. He will show you how he did it and you can too by following his simple yet effectives techniques.

Magic is all I can say. Randy will show you in a simple step by step format how you too can create a profitable Internet business in a few short months.

Bob Silber

Bob Silber is the man you don't want to miss! After I personally heard him speak at a recent event, I was totally flabbergasted. The information is all about Internet Law, a subject no one talks about, but is one of the most important aspects of your business. You need to protect yourself not only in your offline business

Get 150+ Hours Of World Class Training With The Gurus Today!

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